How To Clean Bathrooms, Showers and Sinks 0

Cleaning the bathroom, showers and sinks is very stressing but there is no other choice. The soap residues, waste bath and shower water, toothpaste leaving behind the lavatory and proper hygiene must be maintained regularly. If your schedule will be this week, read this guide as it teaches you on how to clean bathrooms, showers and sinks a bit easier.


If you decide to clean just one part of the bathroom today, it can actually make work messier and harder. A wise bathroom cleaner must have a structured plan to avoid extra work. You must start cleaning the toilet, shower or bath, bench tops and sinks and mirrors.

The Toilet

A piece of equipment in the home which is germ-laden is the toilet, it deserves special care and sanitary attention. When cleaning, you must do the following:

  • Use rubber gloves to protect yourself.
  • Pour a toilet cleaner and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes until the stains are loosened and dripped down at the base.
  • Scrub all areas thoroughly with the use of a toilet brush, including the U-bend as long as you can reach.
  • Allow the cleaner to remain in the toilet for five minutes or more before flushing.
  • Flush the toilet.
  • Pour bleach at the toilet and leave it for one hour or until the next use.
  • Caution: when cleaning your bathroom or toilet, do not mix bleach with other ammonia-based products because it can produce toxic gasses.

Generally, toilets are made from vitreous china so they are easy to clean but it acquires rust stains especially in the seat hinges. To remove the stains, just dab it with bleach and leave it for an hour or more and scrub it using a steel wool. Never forget to use rubber gloves.

Showers and Baths

The shower and the area around it are prone to mildew. To reduce the growth of mildew, you can open the shower door when not in use. This will allow to dry the area and inhibits the growth of mold. The major concern is how to take away mildew which has been there for a long time. Just spray the walls with a bleach solution, one part bleach mixed with three parts water or mildew inhibitor, let it sit for fifteen minutes and rinse thoroughly. Always make sure to have proper ventilation when using bleach and other cleaning products.

How To Clean Bathrooms, Showers and Sinks

A natural shower cleaner is vinegar. You can use it to keep your glass shower doors sparkling and brilliant, remove soap scum in tiles and walls too.


Sinks must be cleaned thoroughly too. To keep it look new after several years, use non-scratch kitchen pads to gently remove the soap scum.

Cleaning the bathrooms, showers and sinks take a lot of time but cleaning them properly can leave a sparkling clean and hygienic fresh bathroom.