Spring Cleaning Services 0

At least twice a year, every home must undergo a thorough spring cleaning service.

Our company provides spring cleaning services that provide a highly-trained team of supervised cleaners. We offer a thorough and deep cleaning of properties, starting from the facade until the last corner of your home including those areas that you cannot manage to clean regularly.

Our spring cleaning service features are suitable for all types of clients who do not need cleaning on a regular basis.

Cleaning Service Hour and Time

Our company operates Monday-Saturday from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, clients can call our office depending on their availability. All bookings made by our clients are subject to a minimum of four hours.

Minimum Requirements For A Spring Cleaning Service

Everyone knows that a spring cleaning involves a much more thorough and deeper cleaning than the usual regular house cleaning. This means that every corner of the home that was not cleaned daily will undergo excessive cleaning and takes a longer time.

Our company possesses an extensive Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance that ensures protection of every client from theft and other untoward incidents.

Spring Cleaning Services


We deliver spring cleaning services such as the following:

Spring Cleaning Services
  • Clean entrance door, wipe light switches, vacuum carpet, wipe skirting boards and wash floor.
  • Kitchen cleaning. Clean all surfaces, inner and outer parts of the cupboards, fridge, oven, microwave, sink, cooker top, switches, sockets, doors and frames, inside windows, mop floor and polish taps.
  • Living room, hallway, stairs and bedroom cleaning. Dusting and polishing of all surfaces, clean pictures and mirrors, inside windows, skirting boards, switches and sockets, doors and frames, mop floors and vacuum carpets.

How We Deliver These Services

Our cleaning workforce takes care of every detail needed for spring cleaning services, taking into consideration a customized kind of service. We do it with great value and dedication to every customer, leaving a mark of excellence.

Above all these, our company’s mission is to keep each family safe and live in a clean environment.

Tile Cleaning 0

Deep tile cleaning will make your over-all home shine. However, doing the right way takes more patience and knowledge. Fortunately, this article will give you tips coming from professionals and tile experts on how to properly clean your tile floors.

Step 1: Begin with the basics

Sweeping your tiled floors is generally fine but vacuuming it is a better option. The majority of the vacuums come with a setting for hard floor surfaces but if there is none, raise it to the maximum setting so that the floor will not be scratched. This way, mopping will be easier and prevents dirt that sweeping alone cannot do the job completely.

Step 2: Know the type of tile

To properly clean a tiled floor, first you must be knowledgeable of its type. Tiles made of travertine and marble are more sensitive to majority of cleaning products so make sure to use what is intended for this and other types of tiles.

In addition, tiles made of ceramic are for mopping and general cleaner can be used for daily maintenance. Always make sure to use tile and grout cleaners recommended for each type because some cleaners will make tiles dull.

Porcelain type of tile must use a cleaner which is alkaline based to avoid breakdown of grime and grout.

Tile Cleaning

Step 3: Determine the kind of dirt

Generally, homes have ceramic or porcelain types of tiles. The next step is determining the kind of dirt that you are going to clean. If it is in your shower or bathroom, then most probably the soap scum is your problem. All you need to have is a soap-scum remover and brush it.

If you want to clean your kitchen tiles, the main culprits are grime and grease. Just clean it with the use of a degreasing cleanser that says cut grease.

For smooth tiles, you can use a cotton mop while for rough tiles, you must brush them.

Finally, the best way to achieve a clean tiled floor is to be knowledgeable of the material it is made of and the proper cleaners to avoid getting dull and easily damaged.

How To Choose A Home and Commercial Cleaning Service Company? 0

House cleaning can be tiresome, especially if you are dealing with family, work and other priorities. Cleaning the home can be a challenging task because of the different demands of life. Today, thousands of cleaning service businesses are coming out, ready to provide their clients needs. With this, it can be difficult to choose which company to hire. The good thing is, there are a few tips to guide you in choosing a home and commercial cleaning service company.

How To Choose A Home and Commercial Cleaning Service Company?
  1. Decide what particular area of the house needs a cleaning service. For instance, think about rooms or specific areas which are off-limits and are more important to focus on. Think about the service you need, do you want the standard cleaning like mopping and dusting only or include laundry and windows too? From this list, you can narrow down which companies to choose from.
  2. Ask for referrals from family, neighbors and friends. Getting referrals from family, neighbors and friends is a good way to know which cleaning service company is commendable and provides quality service based on their experiences. However, be careful as there are customers that get bonuses every time they advertise the company.
  3. Avoid companies that do not have insurance and bonds. It is inevitable to avoid accidents or theft to occur, when a company is insured and bonded, they are responsible for every liability. Choosing a service company that does not have these, the homeowner will be responsible for any untoward incidents.
  4. Make sure the cleaning staff are legal residents and do a background check. Generally, it is a must to do a background check of the staff whether they are responsible or have committed crimes in the past.
  5. Ask a free consultation for your list of candidates. Usually, a representative will come to your house to review the services you need from them and the cost of the job. Do not include in your list the company that does not offer this service because before the job starts, both of you should be able to agree on all things.
  6. Hire a company that charges a flat rate rather than an hourly rate. Companies that charge hourly can be disadvantageous for the home owner because they can work slower to get a bigger fee.
  7. The company that offers the cheapest price must not be a determining factor in choosing. Remember, there are valid reasons why a certain company is less expensive than some companies. Be cautious since there are deals which are sugar coated only to find out that the services are not fair enough. Chances are, they are just making some shortcuts of the services.
  8. Choose a company that provides customer satisfaction.
How To Choose A Home and Commercial Cleaning Service Company?

Looking for a cleaning company can be tiresome but with these helpful tips, you will be guided accordingly.