Steps For Proper Carpet Cleaning 0

Carpet cleaning is like exercising. Once it has become part of your routine, you will feel better and enjoy great results. Also, to be knowledgeable about the proper way to clean a carpet will save more time. The three easy steps to keep the carpet clean and look great are:

  • Vacuum using the right frequency and CRI-approved vacuum.
  • Clean spills and spots right away using products that will not damage or cause to resoil the carpet easily.
  • Undergo professional deep cleaning every 12-18 months.
Steps For Proper Carpet Cleaning

In addition, there are ways to keep your carpet clean and stay longer, these are:

Stop Dirt At Your Doorstep

One of the great ways to keep your carpet clean is preventing grime and dirt from getting on it. To stop dirt right at your doorstep, you can try these:

Steps For Proper Carpet Cleaning
  • Use mats. Putting outdoor and indoor mats can help reduce dirt from entering the house and your carpet.
  • Take off the shoes. In order to save the carpet from wear and tear, ask your family and friends to take their shoes off upon entering the house.
  • Change air filters. This is a must to your air-conditioning and heating systems. As more particles and dust are removed, the lesser will fall on your carpet.

Basic Carpet Care

Every carpet deserves proper care and special attention. These tips will help you do the job.

  • If the label instructs machine washable, shake the carpet first before washing it. You must use a mild detergent and warm water from 90- 105 degrees and tumble dry.
  • For larger rugs, shake it outside your house and put it on a clothesline to beat it. After, take it inside the house and vacuum clean it. If the label instructs that it must be dry cleaned, roll it and bring it to a dry cleaner.
  • Area carpet with fringe requires special technic. Start vacuuming from the center towards the fringe and use a gentle suction only. Also, be careful to avoid the strands.

These are the steps to properly clean your carpet and enjoy them as long as you want. Tile Cleaning San Diego