The Benefits of House Cleaning For Health and Well Being 0

Undoubtedly, cleaning is one of the jobs that takes up most of our time and can be annoying for some. However, in a study, the results showed that involving the body some physical activities like cleaning, washing dishes and others can reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, this does not mean that you will be totally free from diseases but cleaning your home regularly can lessen the probability of getting the disease even for people more than 80 years old. Now, it is all worth it to take extra effort in cleaning your home.

Guess what, there are more benefits of house cleaning for health and well-being. Vacuum cleaning can shed off extra pounds or melts away stress. With all of the benefits from cleaning, would you like to clean every week or everyday?

Burns Calories

Cleaning may seem like lesser than a workout but it can melt calories. By cleaning for an hour, you can lose about 205 calories or even more when you are moving more.

Reduces Stress

It is not a question that everyone feels relaxed and reduced levels of anxiety in a clutter-free, clean and sweet smelling home. In 2008, an article stated that spending twenty minutes doing household chores reduces stress and anxiety levels by 20%. After all, knowing where your keys are and other important stuff in the house can be completely stress-free.

The Benefits of House Cleaning For Health and Well Being

Avoid Allergies

When you keep a clean home, you can avoid allergies because dust mites cannot accumulate. Frequent washing of curtains and sheets, vacuuming, cleaning your refrigerator and sink and dusting furniture can control your allergies.

Improves Concentration

Multitasking is an ability possesses by many nowadays but when you go home to a mess and cluttered house, no matter how focused you can be, it can distract your concentration. Just imagine yourself going home in a piled laundry, stacks of papers, overflowing drawers, can you concentrate with other works that needs to be done? Surely, you cannot! Having a clean home or workspace allows you to better prioritize tasks.

Indeed, a house or workspace that is clean can improve the health and well-being.