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Deep tile cleaning will make your over-all home shine. However, doing the right way takes more patience and knowledge. Fortunately, this article will give you tips coming from professionals and tile experts on how to properly clean your tile floors.

Step 1: Begin with the basics

Sweeping your tiled floors is generally fine but vacuuming it is a better option. The majority of the vacuums come with a setting for hard floor surfaces but if there is none, raise it to the maximum setting so that the floor will not be scratched. This way, mopping will be easier and prevents dirt that sweeping alone cannot do the job completely.

Step 2: Know the type of tile

To properly clean a tiled floor, first you must be knowledgeable of its type. Tiles made of travertine and marble are more sensitive to majority of cleaning products so make sure to use what is intended for this and other types of tiles.

In addition, tiles made of ceramic are for mopping and general cleaner can be used for daily maintenance. Always make sure to use tile and grout cleaners recommended for each type because some cleaners will make tiles dull.

Porcelain type of tile must use a cleaner which is alkaline based to avoid breakdown of grime and grout.

Tile Cleaning

Step 3: Determine the kind of dirt

Generally, homes have ceramic or porcelain types of tiles. The next step is determining the kind of dirt that you are going to clean. If it is in your shower or bathroom, then most probably the soap scum is your problem. All you need to have is a soap-scum remover and brush it.

If you want to clean your kitchen tiles, the main culprits are grime and grease. Just clean it with the use of a degreasing cleanser that says cut grease.

For smooth tiles, you can use a cotton mop while for rough tiles, you must brush them.

Finally, the best way to achieve a clean tiled floor is to be knowledgeable of the material it is made of and the proper cleaners to avoid getting dull and easily damaged.