Window Cleaning Tips 0

Cleaning every detail of your home like your window can be tiresome but it needs to be done regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt and damage. To help you with this, here are window cleaning tips from experts to have sparkling windows in no time.

Window Cleaning Tips
  1. Avoiding streaks after washing. For many, streak is one of the problems they encounter after washing their windows. The trick is to use a squeegee that has a soft and smooth rubber edge. Yet it is tiresome to clean the windows but it is worse when after an hour or two of cleaning, there are still streaks. How do professional cleaners deal with this? Simply, they just use a soft and smooth rubber squeegee and start from a dry glass to avoid this problem. Also, do not wash them in direct sunlight because when glass quickly dries, it is more prone to streaking. The best time to clean them is during cloudy days or evenings.
  2. Cleaning the blinds. Use an antiseptic spray to clean the dust magnets of your blinds after cleaning the windows.
  3. Cleaning the mildew on your window frames. To clean build-up of mildew in your window frames, use a solution of bleach and detergent. Just mix two ounces of bleach, one ounce of detergent and mix it with water, put the solution on the window frames, leave it for ten minutes and rinse with clean water.
  4. Cleaning of outside windowsills quickly. All you need to do is apply one coat of floor wax to protect them as they are exposed to so many elements and collect so much dirt.
  5. Avoiding filthy shades. Shades must be regularly dusted using a soft cloth, a duster or dusting brush of your vacuum. Dust both sides but if they are spotted or stained, then it is time for deep cleaning. You can wash them without removing from its place but it is best to remove them. You can make a homemade solution, 1 liter warm water mixed with ј cup of white vinegar and you can wash them in your bathtub for easy cleaning.
  6. Avoid from getting dirty too fast. If you notice that the surface of your interior glass gets dirty faster, you need to change your cooling and heating filters. In reality, modern airtight houses trap more pollen, dander, dust and other particles. These filters trap more dirt and help in extending your appliance life. It is recommended to change them monthly or every two months or by the time you cannot see the light from the filters.
Window Cleaning Tips

These tips from experts will surely make your windows gleam brightly.